Frequently Asked Questions

Does Living Well Home Care accept clientele that have long-term care insurance policies?

Yes. Over the years, we have worked with many different long-term care Insurance providers. Living Well operates a dedicated finance department that processes and submits monthly policyholder claims to our insurance partners in a timely manner. In addition, we offer all clients a complimentary policy review, which examines all available insurance options to formulate the best possible plan for each client’s specific needs.

Are Home Care Aides ‘employees’ or ‘independent contractors’?

All Home Care Aides provided by Living Well Home Care are employees of our agency and not independent contractors. Therefore, as their employer, we are responsible for payroll taxes and all other legal obligations, including professional and general liability insurance, Surety Bond and workers’ compensation policy covering all staff.

Note: Referral home care agencies that claim to have insurance policies do not cover independent contractors because they are not employees- be advised and be aware.

What training do Home Care Aides Have?

As a California-licensed Home Care Organization (HCO), we are legally bound to guarantee that all Living Well Home Care Aides meet initial and annual training requirements. Furthermore, we provide additional formal training that focuses on key topics such as dementia care, hospice care and high fall risk clientele. Our agency’s dedicated training center, therefore, allows our Home Care Aides to fully prepare and better their skill set.

In case of an emergency do you have backup staff to cover Home Care Aides?

Our organization is aware that emergencies can affect not only our clients but also our staff. Whether a staff member calls in sick or their car unexpectedly breaks down, emergencies can – and do – happen. Fortunately, our organization’s on-call staff members are trained to perform Home Care Aide duties, thus minimizing downtime and ensuring our quality of client care is in no way sacrificed.

Do I need to commit to a certain amount of time to receive services?

Services are based upon your specific care requirements. You may cancel your service plan anytime within a 48-hour notice period. Changes to your service can be made within a 24-hour notice period (i.e., changing from a 24-hour care program to an 8-hour care program will only require 24 hours’ notice).

Does Medicare cover any Living Well Home Care service costs?

Unfortunately, our services are not covered by Medicare.

Do you offer assistance to clients with Terminal Illnesses or that are receiving Palliative or Hospice Care?

Our staff is adequately trained to handle complex cases, such as those covering terminal illness and palliative or hospice care. Living Well’s initial client assessment will allow our Home Care Aides to determine an appropriate service plan that will provide compassionate care within a comfortable and safe home environment.

How much do services cost?

Living Well Home Care services are competitively priced to accommodate each client’s budget limitations. As a privately-owned home care agency, our service plans remain infinitely more flexible than those offered by most home care franchises. During a complimentary client assessment, your charge rate will be determined both by the level of care and the schedule requested.

Do you offer 24-hour care?

In many situations, after being discharged from a skilled rehabilitation facility or hospital, patients often require 24-hour care to ensure safe transition from medical to home environment. Our agency provides 24-hour care that comprises either: two (2) 12-hour shifts; or three (3) 8-hour shifts. During 24-hour care, room and board will not be required as staff assistance is available throughout the service period. In the event that 24-hour care is no longer needed, clients are permitted to amend/end an existing schedule in order to satisfy the primary care receiver’s revised needs.


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